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You have the ability to perform exceptionally well!  Beyond just knowledge, these exams require a deep understanding of the material and the ability to quickly reason through a clinical vignette to arrive at an answer.  Our medical masters will guide with a personalized plan to enhance your strengths and conquer your weaknesses, and eventually master the exam!


Free Consultation

We will take the time to learn about your specific circumstances, goals, and timeline, so that we can create a customized plan that meets your specific needs, and match the right tutor for you.


We perform a standard assessment to understand your current level of knowledge, your strengths and weaknesses, and we get an idea of your learning style.

Tutor Match

Based on the consultation and assessment, we match you to the best tutor to meet and exceed your needs

Tutoring Package

Begin regular sessions with your tutor in a pre-designed or customized tutoring package.  We will provide you with a welcome package, a personalized study plan, and all the resources you will need to master the USMLE


USMLE Master

 1  on  1 Personalized  Tutoring

“I had scheduled my Step 1 exam, and was only achieving a 210 on my NBME assessments.  I contacted USMLE Tutors, and they helped me pick a packaged that suited my needs without pushing me like some of the other companies out there.  After 8 weeks of intensive review with USMLE Masters, I took that test and scored a 258!!  Their process works.  It’s just that simple.O”  — Consultoria

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USMLE Masters tutoring offers a new systematic approach to studying. Our tutors are trained in a highly revolutionary structure. We not only teach you to memorize and study endless amounts of information, but we encourage you to implement that knowledge in your medical career. Our tutoring plan is used by master test takers and addresses all time management issues that stem from the questions that USMLE exams provide. 
What sets USMLE Masters tutoring apart from other is that we use pre tutoring assessments of your academic strengths and weaknesses and tailor fit you to a tutor who matches your study style. We also provide premade flashcards designed solely by our master tutors which you can use during your sessions and even after the course is completed. 
All of our USMLE tutors are experienced and educated in all fields of medicine. They are medical students, graduates  or physicians who have scored >260 on the USMLE Step 1. Our trained educators care and inspire our students to bring out the best in their academic fortitude.  
Our USMLE tutoring program encourages one on one sessions with our students to allow fast paced review of practice questions and any other help that may be needed. Right and wrong answers are highlighted along with take home notes for the student to improve. These review sessions help you to attack practice questions on your own. Throughout the entire process we schedule NBME exams to track your progress and adjust your study schedule and materials based on your results. Our USMLE tutors guarantee an increase of 10 points in your USMLE as projected by your NBME score from start to finish. 
Medical training is a constantly evolving journey that requires determination and fortitude. USMLE Masters tutoring program wants to help you improve your process on the way to success. 

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Hourly Tutoring
Starting at $25/hr based on tutor level
One or One virtual or in person tutoring
All subjects available
24 hours One-on-one tutoring
Q/A Methodology
40 hours One-on-one tutoring
Q/A Methodology
Customized Lectures
ANKI Review with personal assistant
Personalized study plan
Daily follow-up


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USMLE Masters taught me that my grade was up to me. I have never studied any other way before so it was an interesting experience. Their tutors catered a learning plan especially for me and my learning critiques. I am now prepared to tackle any further testing that comes my way. Thank you USMLE Masters, I couldn't have done it with you!
Franklin Ross
Being a recent graduate I just got by with my grades. I knew I needed professional help. After speaking to several tutors about my problem areas they immediately catered to my learning needs. They created understandable flashcards that made it easier to comprehend. I wish I knew about USMLE Masters earlier. I plan on letting my friends know about your services.
Jaqueline Edmonds
Studying on my own just wasn't cutting it. USMLE Masters provided me with the confidence that I had lost. Their systematic approach to juggling large amounts of material had a positive impact on me. Since passing Step 1 and starting my observerships, my professors and fellow students have noticed a change in my confidence and knowledge level, which I have to give credit to the staff at USMLE Masters for bringing out in me.
Jessica White
A friend and I recently completed the tutoring program with USMLE Masters. We both scored >250 on our Step but wanted to achieve a higher score. Their personalized approach to studying was something we have not tried before. The tutors were available whenever we needed extra help or had questions. They coached us through every step of the way. USMLE Masters has helped us attain 10 extra points on our Step 2 exam. You guys are awesome!
Carlos Nunez
A friend told me about USMLE Masters and I thought I'd give it a try. They tailor made a study plan based upon my weaknesses and strengths. The process was very straightforward and easily understandable. USMLE Masters taught me not only to memorize but to comprehend what I am actually learning. Thank you guys!
Clark Daniels
I met my tutor after I had already after I had already spent 6 weeks in an in-class prep center for step 1 which only not helpful but also a total waste of time. I stumbled on USMLEMasters on one of the forums and I got in touch with them. My tutor introduced me to Anki which I was so skeptical about given my tight timeline. Not only did Anki help me jump start my learning process for the boards, it was also an highlight of my prep. In addition, my tutor  was always available to speak with me and go through questions and gray-areas with me. My tutor was also very patient and would adjust his busy schedule to meet mine. Honestly, if this could help me- a full time postgraduate student, working part-time and mother of a toddler, it can definitely help you too! I highly recommend USMLE Masters.
I had scheduled my Step 1 exam, and was only achieving a 210 on my NBME assessments. I contacted USMLE Masters and through their revolutionary new way of studying, they walked me through picking a package that best suited my needs specifically. Rather than having a general overview that most other tutoring companies do, they focused on my weak points, and after 8 weeks of intensive review through their method, I took the same test and scored a 258!!! Their process works. It's just that simple.
Eldridge Jackson
USMLE Masters was great asset to my education and helped me acquire the knowledge that I needed. I was intrigued by their revolutionary teaching method. You are set up with a tutor based upon your style of learning. It was great having someone to study with who was able to help me overcome my weaknesses. The tutors at USMLE Masters are experienced, confident, and well versed in their academic knowledge.
Vanessa Torro