What is your return policy?

In our premium package, if you do not increase your Step 1 score by a minimum of 10 points, we will offer a full refund minus the administration costs

How much does your service cost?

We offer different packages from our basic package with 4 hours of tutoring to our comprehensive 6 week program and premium 8 week program.  Please see http://usmlemasters.com/plans/ for a description of our various plans.

What is your 10 point guarantee?

 Our 10 point guarantee is available with our comprehensive and premium plans.  We guarantee a 10 point improvement in your USMLE score as projected by your NBME score from start to finish.  Your last NBME score is used as the baseline and this is compared to the final NBME given at the end of the program.   If your projected score does not improve by 10 points you are guaranteed a full refund.

Who are your tutors?

All of our tutors are medical students and physicians who have scored >260 on the USMLE Step 1.  They are also students with a passion for teaching who have years of tutoring experience.  They are students who are fluent and in fact helped develop our unique QA method of teaching.

Do I get to choose my tutor?

We use our pre tutoring assessment of your academic strengths and weaknesses, study habits and study methods to match you to a tutor who fits your learning style.  We also periodic assessments to make sure you and your tutor are a good fit and that you are progressing appropriately

How does the online tutoring sessions work?

Our online sessions use Skype or Go-to Meeting to arrange a video conferencing session with your tutor.  The sessions commence at the scheduled time.  The ability to share screens allow you and the tutor to review material from many resources. 

What resources do you use for tutoring?

At USMLE Masters we do not believe in the magic resource that will propel your performance to great heights. We believe that all available resources can be valuable if used in the right way.  Certain resources such as First Aid for the USMLE, Kaplan test prep materials  and USMLE World are almost universally used by medical students and hence our tutors are familiar with the most effective ways to use these resources.  However, our tutors do not shy to recommend lesser known resources if they feel it will be beneficial for a particular student or for a particular subject area.  That includes some of the basic science texts that for the basis for the knowledge tested on the USMLE Step 1.

What is USMLE?

The United States Medical Licensing Exam is a multi-step assessment of all medical knowledge implemented by medical practitioners. It is the first part of the license requirements.

How do I prepare for the USMLE?

Preparation for the USMLE starts early. Set a goal and keep it in mind. Use the available resources that are provided for you. At USMLE Masters, we offer pre-made flash cards as well as practice exams and one on one tutoring.

Is it better to go for USMLE or NEET?

NEET is the National Eligibility Entrance Test. It is best to complete your medical training in the location of which you want to practice. If you would like to train outside of the United States you would need to complete the ECFMG.

Does your MBBS matter in the USMLE?

No, MBBS scores do not matter in the USMLE.

USMLE or Indian PG exam?

If you are planning on practicing in India, it is best to take the Indian PG exams instead of the USMLE. Otherwise, if you wish to practice in the US, opt for the USMLE.

Which is best USMLE Tutoring Service?

When studying for the USMLE exams it is best to understand the concepts instead of just reading them. Our USMLE Masters tutoring program tackles this issue by making sure the student is able to implement the theory before going further.

What are the universities under USMLE?

http://electives.us/step1.html  This website lists several Universities. We could list it as a drop down box for every category if possible.

What is the first of the UMSLE?

The first part of the USMLE is Step 1. It is given in a one-day examination. The test is administered in an 8 hour block divided into seven 1 hour sessions. It focuses mainly on understanding and implementation of the learned sciences.

Which is easier for residency in surgery, USMLE or PLAB for an Indian?

PLAB is the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test that is needed to practice medicine in the UK. It is equally as difficult to obtain residency in the US for foreign medical graduates. You have a higher chance of getting a good surgical residency in the US by having high USMLE scores and reputable LORS.

Can you skip USMLE?

If you would like to practice medicine and become a doctor in the US you will need to take the USMLE exams.

When should I apply for the USMLE?

Applications can be taken in as early as 6 months before the testing date. It is best to apply early just in case there is any delays in the sending of documents from your college, etc. You can always schedule the exam later if need be.

How do I get US clinical experience as a foreign medical graduate?

Obtaining US clinical experience can be obtained through local hospitals and private clinics who provide such services. Feel free to check out www.medobserverships.com for further information.

When will the 26th edition of USMLE step 1 first Aid be available?

The 26th edition of USMLE Step 1 First Aid is currently available. It was released January 8th 2016.

What are the best medical books and resources to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CK?

Several books that can be used are First Aid Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 Secrets, Crush Step 2, and Master the Boards, USMLE Step 2 CK

Are BAMS graduate eligibility for USMLE?

No, they are not eligible for the USMLE.

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