Work Hard.  Study Smart.  Prepare Well.

You have the ability to perform exceptionally well!  Beyond just knowledge, these exams require a deep understanding of the material and the ability to quickly reason through a clinical vignette to arrive at an answer.  Our medical masters will guide with a personalized plan to enhance your strengths and conquer your weaknesses, and eventually master the exam!

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Starting at $25/hr based on tutor level
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All subjects available
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Q/A Methodology
40 hours One-on-one tutoring
Q/A Methodology
Customized Lectures
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USMLE Master

 1  on  1 Personalized  Tutoring

“I had scheduled my Step 1 exam, and was only achieving a 210 on my NBME assessments.  I contacted USMLE Tutors, and they helped me pick a packaged that suited my needs without pushing me like some of the other companies out there.  After 8 weeks of intensive review with USMLE Masters, I took that test and scored a 258!!  Their process works.  It’s just that simple.O”  — Consultoria