USMLE Rules of Conduct

When you apply to take the USMLE, you are agreeing to the following:


1. You are the person named on the scheduling permit for the examination.
2. You will not seek, provide, or obtain any form of unauthorized assistance during the examination or during

3. You will not have prohibited materials, including formulas, study materials, notes, papers, or electronic

devices of any kind in your possession while you are in the secure areas of the center.
4. You will place in a locker or cubicle all personal belongings, including cell phones, watches, pagers, tablet PCs, iPods/media players, fitness and tracking monitors, any device with transmitting or receiving capabilities (e.g., bluetooth), formulas, study materials, notes, papers, pens/pencils, and your purse or

wallet, before you enter the testing room (or Orientation Room for Step 2 CS).
5. During computer-based testing (Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3), you will leave your testing station for breaks only when the break screen is visible on your monitor. It is a violation of the Rules of Conduct if you indicate on

the center log that your break screen is visible when it is not.
6. During computer-based testing (Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3), you may use a telephone or other communication

device only when outside the secure testing area and during an authorized break. You may not use it for any purpose related to test content. During Step 2 CS, you may not use a personal telephone at any time while you are in the testing center.

7. You will not remove test content from the test center by any means.
8. You will maintain the confidentiality of the materials, including, but not limited to, the multiple-choice

items and the case content for Step 2 CS and Primum CCS. You will not reproduce or attempt to reproduce examination materials through recording, memorization, or by any other means. Also, you will not provide information relating to examination content to individuals who may be taking the examination. This includes postings regarding examination content and/or answers on the Internet.

9. You will not write on anything other than the note boards (computer-based examinations) or scrap paper (Step 2 CS) provided.


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