USMLE Test Accommodations

What to Submit 

  • Legible copies of all documents, not originals
  • Typewritten and signed letters and reports from professionals on their letterhead
  • Complete reports with al pages, signed and dated
  • All documents in English. You are responsible for providing certified English translations of non-English documentation
  • Childhood records if your request is based on a developmental disorder such as LD, dyslexia, ADHD
  • Documentation beyond self-report of your functional impairment
  • Documentation of your functional impairment in activities other that test-taking

What NOT to Submit

  • Original documents
  • Handwritten or unsigned letters from physicians or evaluators
  • Copies of reports with redactions or missing pages
  • Multiple copies of documentation (i.e.. faxed and mailed copies of a document)
  • Duplicate documentation previously submitted to disability services
  • Previous documentation from Disability services
  • Research articles, your resume or curriculum vitas
  • Staples, binders, page protectors, folders, or similar items

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